Grant Applications


The original purpose of the New Berlioz Edition Trust (NBE) was to prepare and publish an edition of the complete works of Hector Berlioz.  That work is, essentially, finished though technological developments and the possibility of new research findings mean that there may be more publications or new editions in a variety of formats in the future.

NBE is now in the fortunate position of being able to consider applications for funding for other projects.

The primary focus of grants made by NBE will be on the music of Hector Berlioz.  In the last two categories listed below the focus may be wider.  In all categories there should be a strong focus on legacy – the lasting impact of the project.   This might include a widely available recording, a related education project or a publication.

Applications can be made by individuals, registered charities and other organisations.  All applications MUST be for specific, defined projects.

Applications will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Performance of music by Berlioz. Priority will be given to:
  1. Rarely performed works
  2. Performances in cities or countries where music by Berlioz is seldom heard
  3. Performances offering new or unusual approaches
  • Recording projects which broadly follow the guidelines for performances. Resulting recordings should be widely available.
  • Education projects centred on Berlioz including lecture series, research at Doctoral level, book publication, creation or expansion of on-line resources.
  • Projects falling within the above guidelines but with a wider focus round French music and culture of the 19th century.
  • Education projects at post-graduate level which aim to teach the skills of source studies and editing including those relevant to 19th century music.


  • Total grants in any year will not normally exceed £30,000.
  • The total grant for any single project will not usually exceed £15,000. There is no lower limit.
  • NBE does not initiate or administer projects for which grants are made.
  • The Trustees will require a commitment from applicants that the New Berlioz Edition will be used in any performance or recording for which they make a grant.
  • Initial enquiries about eligibility and timing of applications MUST be made to


Applications will normally be considered twice a year.  Deadlines for applications are 2nd January and 1st July each year. 

There is no application form.  Applications must include:

  1. A full description of the project including all relevant dates, venues, details of repertoire, performers and participants as appropriate.  Any changes to the project must be notified to NBE as soon as they arise and may result in a change or withdrawal of a grant commitment.
  2. Where the application is for a recording, details of the issuing label and distribution arrangements must also be included.
  3. Full budget for the project including other sources of, or applications for, funding.  Updates to the budget, such as grants awarded by other bodies, should be provided as they arise. If you are applying for a single event within a series or festival you must supply the budget for the single event rather than the series.
  4. Details, including governance, of the organisation running the project or, in the case of individuals, a CV.
  5. Applicants for support for research projects should include the names of two referees.
  6. Contact details of an individual who will be the main point of contact for NBE.  This person must be able to discuss details of the project for which the application is made.
  7. Grants will not be made retrospectively against costs already incurred.
  8. Grants will not be made for speculative projects with no firm projected outcome.
  9. Applications should be emailed to

The formal application will be the sole basis on which requests for funding are made.  Applicants will not be invited to make formal presentations to the Trustees.  Applications may be made at any time but decisions will normally be taken twice a year.  NBE will advise applicants when they can expect to receive the outcome of their application.  Potential applicants are advised to contact the administrator at for details of deadlines.


The Trustees will require regular updates on the progress of projects they are funding and a final report when a project has been completed.  Payment of grants may be phased to match costs as they arise.  Trustees or their representatives may also ask to attend performances or events funded by NBE.